Blazin' on a Sunny Afternoon

I'm not a flasher in a raincoat,
I'm not a dirty old man,
I'm not gonna snatch you from your mother,
I'm an art lover.

Come to daddy,
Ah, come to daddy,
Come to daddy.

Acute signs of Aging

- I passed a billboard advertising freshly ground coffee beans and had an immediate physical response
- Listened to Radiohead's "Kid A" album and loved it just as much as I did when I was fourteen
- I read a book that mentioned the transcendental movement and knew what it was

probably more to come.


Stop, I want to get off.

You, sadder.


School - 7:  The question of when I'm going to get around to deciding which (tangible) direction to take my life in has been nipping at the edges of my brain more often than it used to... and a little harder, I might add. It's not like anyone else my age is that much closer to knowing (unless, you know, they DO know) but the classes I'm in now are not exactly propelling me towards any career path, I'm afraid... I'm not sure how much longer, "I just wanna do art" is going to be an acceptable answer.

mo' mo' mo'Collapse )

How could they be liars? They assured my health, life and fire!
I'm a little scared if this is what the next three or four months are going to look like. I feel like I've been staring at the same things in my house and going through the same thought patterns for like, ever.

I want to get my mind off of whatever "this" is.
I want to cut my dumb hair off. 


Be seeing you real soon! ...for better or for worse. Gulp.

I think for once in my life I'm starting to gain some weight. Maybe 3 pounds. I told myself, "that's 3 pounds of muscle!" but probably not... I been gorgin' on bruschetta a long time.

That reminds me of the time my friend told me he nicknamed a girl "douchetta" because she was kind of a douche but a girl. Also, she was a little bit awkward and, since eating bruschetta puts your hand at an awkward position, douchetta she came to be.

ANYWAY. School is good, not great. I guess I just have to come to the realization that I don't have a lot of friends at college because:

A) it's a small school
B) I don't live on campus
C) most of the friends I made last year transferred out of the state
D) the majority of people in my major (because it's artsy-fartsy horseshit) are just down right douches and douchettas!

The War Against Terrorism = T.W.A.T.?

TODAY I had much time on my hands so I woke up (at the crack of noon) and made a shirt.

Here it is and here is me.

This is kind of a shitty picture. Ah well.
NOW I am off to see a movie. 500 Days of Summer. I'm sure there will either be 500 hipsters or 500 old peoples in the theater along with me and Masha.

A seeming reluctance to refer to anything in concrete terms.

Everything I thought would never happen ended up happening! geeeeeeeez!

...pretty sure nobody reads this anymore... and yet, the urge to update lingers...


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